Saturday, November 27, 2010

Holiday Shopping/ Get ready for Cyber Monday

There are tons of great deals to be had around this time of year , but also a lot of neat tricks used to make you buy more than what you needed. I almost always have a phone buddy when I am out shopping who I can call to check and see if it is a really good deal or not. Unless you have a really cool Iphone then you can scan the barcode and search for yourself, but I am cheap and have a phone that just calls people, so I have a phone buddy.

I always get excited at the idea of getting my goods for an insanely discounted price if not free. I have my certain places I know to hit and blogs I also follow to keep abreast of new deals.

First Black Friday is an alright place to start, but I always look forward to Cyber Monday, no crowds and usually they give free shipping .

I kept informed of Black Friday deals via TheThriftyMama and I am sure she is doing a lot for Cyber Monday too.

Also a quick reference guide for the sites I hit check out our Saving Your Green section.

Keeping in line with the previous post I also want to encourage donation of any used items to your local charities and pass on the good cheer this holiday season. And if you find particularly good deals on things YOU don't necessarily need you can always donate those things too if you are in such a situation to do so.

This time of year we all get a little spend happy and wrapped up in the things that don't really matter. So keep your emotions in check! And remember no matter what you give your kids the best thing is your time and patience.

So go grab some awesome deals and I'll post any green/eco friendly ones on the Facebook wall!

Have a safe and happy Cyber Monday :)
Elizabeth- Who's Green


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